I had breast augmentation 28 years ago (Dec. 1983) and after about three months after the surgery I had a problem with my left breast. The implant had become encapsulated and I needed to have it redone (the scar tissue cut away from the implant). That seemed to take of the problem for the next 28 years, but in March 2011, I noticed that I had a big lump under my left breast and figured it was probably leaking. I didn’t know what Plastic Surgeon I should go to, because the first doctor that had done the surgery retired. But come to find out, my neighbor had, had breast augmentation and she had gone to Dr. Gregory Buford, so I called the first part of April and made an appointment with him and I’m so glad I did. He made me feel very comfortable and explained in detail what he could do to make my breasts look much better by taking out the old implants and putting in new implants. My breasts really didn’t look very good. Over the years they had become mis-shapened. I had the surgery done on May 9, 2011 and I couldn’t be happier. They look wonderful. In fact, while one of the nurses was getting me ready for surgery and she knew what I was having done, she told me that Dr. Buford does beautiful work. And every one at his office is so nice and very knowledgeable, from Jennifer who is at the front desk, Nancy who met with me to explain and go over the surgery schedule and financial information, and Kelly his assistant who met with me for my follow up visit after the surgery. Also, I met with Debbie on my first visit and she talked to me about skin care and she was very helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Buford for breast augmentation and I plan on going to him for other procedures that I will have in the future.

I am absolutely thrilled with my new breasts! Dr. Buford is amazing! Before coming to my consultation I researched every Plastic Surgeon in Denver. I made very detailed descriptions of every doctor about their experience, where they got their license, their preference of incision sites, silicone vs. saline, the symmetry of patients, just about every detail you can find. I then made a list of surgeons I would like to have a consultation with. The list of Plastic Surgeons in Denver is a long one but my list only contained two. Dr. Buford was at the top of my list! He is the BEST! I was so impressed with every step of the process. Even my nurse before surgery was amazing. Now I understand why he does all of his surgeries at the same hospital with the same people. I could not be happier with my breasts! They fit my body perfectly. Dr. Buford is a genius and in my opinion is the best Plastic Surgeon in Denver! Thank you so very much for giving me back what my children so sweetly took from me.

I am very happy with my breast augmentation! The recovery has been a breeze – painless! Your staff has been awesome! I will definitely provide references for your future patients. I also work in health care and I will pass your name on to my colleagues as highly recommended!

I am so happy since my surgery a few years back. Because of the bad experience I had with my previous surgery, I was nervous. But once I sat down and spoke with Dr. Buford about my options, I knew that I didn’t want anyone else to help me but him! I love my new breasts! I get compliments everyday about how nice they are and how they look so real. I can actually say that I feel so much better about the way I look now as compared to before – thank you Dr. Buford!

Thank you for turning the clock back 20 years for me. With the breast augmentation/breast lift you performed I look and feel great.


I made the decision that for my 30th birthday, I would give myself the gift of the body I always wanted. A friend referred me to Dr. Buford, and at my first consultation I was instantly comfortable and felt he knew exactly what I wanted, and that he was the doctor for me. I now have the curvaceous body I desired, and had such a great experience that Dr. Buford has become my go-to for all my cosmetic surgery needs!

I lost one pant size just from getting the abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and now that my abdomen muscles are repaired, I’m starting to work on them again. And I think my chest probably looks better than it did before the kids! I haven’t felt this confident about my body in 10 years. Thank you so much!


I got my BOTOX® done last week, and Dr. Buford is amazing. I know it will sound a little weird, but I am in love with me now! Isn’t it amazing what a little BOTOX® can do for you self esteem? This was my first one, and I am definitely “hooked.”

It has been five weeks since I had Juvederm® injected….I just spent the last four weeks in New Zealand and want to say how pleased I was with the “look “in all the pictures we took…my sister is eleven years younger than me and a couple of my business clients…(when looking at the vacation pictures.)..said they thought she was older than me….I have recommended she have it done as well. The one thing I found myself doing this month was wearing a more natural look in my makeup ..before I was trying to hide the folds with makeup and it just made them stand out more. I just had the folds done below my nose …so natural looking….next will be my eyes….Thanks for the time you took to explain everything before we did the procedure….

Dr. Buford injected the Juvederm® lip filler about 4 months ago and I love it! He did a great job of forming the lips beautifully with it. I like the texture and feel of it as well as the gorgeous result. I’m in the Entertainment business and it’s part of my job to make sure that I look the very best I can for my performances. I now have a result that has left my lips looking full and sexy…just the look I’m going for!

Everything looks great! Juvederm® is amazing, but it’s only as good as the doctor administering it. Thanks again!

Thank you again for the amazing job you did with my Restylane® injections-it looks great! Not only does it look good, but I really have no  soreness at all.. I’ve always been very tender and sore for about 3 days with Restylane® so I’m not sure if it’s the product or the injector!

Total Hand Rejuvenation

I was approaching 50 and thought I looked tired and old. I went to see Dr. Buford for a consult – and decided to move forward with multiple injectable procedures – including his Total Hand Rejuvenation. Afterwards, I felt and looked 10 years younger – and refreshed. Sometimes, even though you feel young and healthy on the inside you need help achieving that look on the outside. Dr. Buford helped me regain that youthful appearance I felt was missing…and I’m loving the results.

Before Baby Body

“At the age of 45 and three children later, I was in search of a doctor that could assist in putting my body back together with realistic expectations. I worked out five times a week, three times out of the week included a professional trainer. After two years of strength training, I realized my body would not obtain the improvements I wanted long- term. I was referred to Dr. Buford by a personal friend of mine, only after three consults with professionals in the industry. My first initial visit with Dr. Buford seemed relaxed and nonjudgmental, his suggestions were not out of the ordinary, yet his approach was more personal, not pushy.

I decided to place my faith and trust with Dr. Buford for several reasons; his ability to take an uncomfortable situation and make it seem natural, his listening skills, professionalism, and the kindness of his staff.

My “Before Baby Body” surgery was seven hours, yet the outcome was more than I ever expected. Five years later, I have never felt better about myself. Dr. Buford changed the way I see myself, dress, and the way I live my life. I view his work as exceptional and would do it all over again. His office is flawless when it comes to follow-up, after care, and maintaining future relationships.

I have recommended Dr. Buford to several of my friends who feel as confident with their outcome as I do.”

I wanted to thank you and your staff for all that you’ve done to make me look and feel young again. After having three kids, I was thinking I’d just have to get used to fact that my body would never look “hot” again. I always tried to hide my flaws, but now I don’t have to. Everything looks great and I owe it to you.

General Feedback

On my first visit with Dr. Buford, he was relaxed, yet professional, and made me feel comfortable. Before Baby Body was a big deal for me – and he took his time explaining the procedures, and never made me feel rushed. I appreciated his confidence, and his follow up was impressive – unlike the stories I’d heard from friends who went with other surgeons. I’m thrilled with the results – and am extremely happy!

A friend referred me to Dr. Buford after I had interviewed several other Plastic Surgeons. When I first met him, I felt at ease because of his knowledge and his innate ability to make people feel good about themselves. He was both compassionate and professional, and during the entire process he took the time to ensure I was comfortable and well informed. I’m thrilled with my results – he is truly an amazing surgeon and if I had to do it allover again, I would choose Dr. Buford!

My experience with Dr. Buford and his staff was truly amazing. I had every intention of interviewing multiple physicians prior to selection a surgeon…but moments after meeting Dr. Buford, I knew he would be the right doctor for me. His honesty, professionalism and obvious surgical skills won me over. His staff was incredibly supportive every step of the way, and the results of my surgery exceeded all my expectations. Not only has my physical appearance improved dramatically, the boost in my confidence is awesome. After my surgery I took a shot at a new career and have been very successful! I cannot thank Dr. Buford enough for a truly amazing job – and my husband thanks him too!

A big thanks to everyone for everything you did for me before, during, and after the surgery. I was so very afraid of having this procedure done, but after meeting with everyone including Dr. Buford, I would do all over again. I highly recommend Dr. Buford for any plastic surgery needs. My experience was like I was his only patient. Dr. Buford and his staff are like no other. The high level of customer service is beyond recognition. I live out of town and everyone went way above the call of duty to make everything work in my favor. This surgery was easier than a root canal…and my results are incredible!!!

I did quite a bit of research prior to making my decision, and I felt confident in Dr. Buford’s abilities. He is not only an outstanding surgeon, he is a great person as well. The entire process (from initial consultation through post-op appointments) was perfect, and I was put at ease immediately with his professional manner. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results! Thank you again Dr. Buford!

I think the hardest part for me was that initial consultation. It’s hard to show a stranger all the things you usually try to hide, but you and your staff made me feel very comfortable. I felt very at ease with the whole process. You really have a great team.

You must have taken about ten years off of me. As you know, I am in school full time now. We have been going for one week now. This female classmate asked me today if I was in my thirties! Man, was I happy. I wanted to tell her yes. I am thirty-three, but I had to tell the truth. That made my day.


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