Denver Thermi Secret Makeover

Recently, Dr. Gregory Buford took part in a nationwide study with the assistance of a wonderful patient, who received a “secret makeover” using Thermi skin tightening technology.

Chris was chosen to receive a customized, targeted treatment protocol using a variety of minimally invasive tightening treatments—and she was thrilled with her results!

Chris’s Thermi Makeover story

As a lifelong active person, Chris struggled with the changes in her body that came with age. No matter how often she frequented the gym or engaged in the sports she loved, her tummy simply wouldn’t firm up.

Both Chris and Dr. Buford were excited to get started. Chris reported that treatment was relatively comfortable and, most importantly for her, recovery was minimal and she was able to resume most normal activities within just a few days.

Just two weeks after treatment, Chris was already beginning to see some exciting results. While the treatment area was still a bit swollen after the ThermiTight® procedure, Chris was able to get back to her standard routine.

Over the course of the following month, Chris and her husband were excited to see such an improvement in the quality of her skin. In addition to loving her results (and the boost to her confidence!), Chris loved how little downtime there was and that she could continue her active lifestyle.