Are you getting the full benefit from your PRP treatments?

woman with glowing complexion and a smooth skin
Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, has become famous in the aesthetics world, both as a treatment for hair loss and as a booster for skin rejuvenation treatments such as microneedling (a la the “vampire facial”). It can also be used effectively to boost results of Thermi skin tightening, injectable fillers, and Botox.

The ingredients in PRP, blood platelets and plasma, are packed with growth factors and protein building blocks, which helps repair damaged skin cells and build new collagen. With only a small blood sample from your arm, we can extract platelet rich plasma and then inject or infuse it into targeted areas to give skincare treatments an extra regenerative boost.

There are steps providers can take to obtain a higher quality sample and amp up the collagen-building power of PRP growth factors, but few practices go this extra mile. I believe any treatment worth doing is worth doing right, so I offer my patients a more powerful PRP option.

In short, adding PRP to certain treatments can help you get better results faster, and improve your skin’s health and appearance long-term simply by using your own blood cells. It’s no wonder there’s a proliferation of practices offering PRP in Denver—and while it’s good that availability is increasing to meet demand, new patients have to wonder, “will this PRP treatment work?”

As with any aesthetic treatment, not all PRP treatments are created equal. There are steps providers can take to obtain a higher quality sample and amp up the collagen-building power of PRP growth factors. These take extra knowledge, effort, and expense, so few practices go this extra mile. However, I believe any treatment worth doing is worth doing right, so I offer my patients a more powerful PRP option called the Beauty by Buford Blend, or BBB Blend as it’s known around here.

PRP is pretty great stuff—but we’ve taken steps to make it work even better for you.

PRP is typically derived using a centrifuge—a machine that spins very fast, which forces the blood components to separate and allows the platelets and plasma to be extracted and used very quickly, which is essential for PRP to have the maximal effect.

While any medical lab centrifuge could technically separate blood, some do a better job than others. I use a centrifuge designed specifically for extracting PRP, called Eclipse PRP. It uses patented technology that spins the blood at just the right rate and amount of time to get the highest concentration of platelets possible and clear out the other matter as completely as possible. This not only returns a higher quality PRP with more growth factors but also means we can get the PRP we need with a smaller blood sample.

Using the Eclipse is step one of our BBB Blend. For step two, we prepare the PRP with a proprietary blend of ingredients to enhance your skin’s ability to absorb and utilize the growth factors. When applied just before microneedling or other skin resurfacing treatments, the BBB Blend PRP can achieve some dramatic improvements:

  • Reduce acne and redness
  • Minimize acne scars, stretch marks, and other blemishes
  • Shrink large visible pores
  • Smooth fine lines and improve skin texture
  • Help treat melasma and other pigmentation problems

When added to your injectable treatment regimen, the BBB PRP can help you get more comprehensive rejuvenation compared to injectables alone.

With neuromodulators (Botox and Dysport), PRP will help further diminish lines etched in the skin by years of facial expression—in essence finishing the job without risk of over-treating with the neuromodulator.

Adding PRP to your Botox treatment plan can help you further diminish permanent lines etched in the skin by years of facial expressions to “finish the job” without risk of over-treating.

When used with fillers, BBB Blend PRP helps to rebuild natural collagen in the cheeks, lips, and nasolabial folds over time, giving you more mileage out of each filler treatment. I love the way this combo pairs more fundamental improvements with the instant results provided by injectable fillers.

Discover the difference that Buford Blend PRP treatments can make for your skin

I have long championed the synergistic benefits of combining non-surgical treatments to achieve more rapid, comprehensive, and long-lasting facial rejuvenation. Platelet rich plasma, particularly the BBB Blend PRP, is one of the safest, most versatile and effective tools I have ever worked with to enhance results of popular skin and facial rejuvenation treatments.

To learn more about this advanced Denver PRP treatment option, available only at Beauty by Buford, please call 303-747-6719 or contact us to request your personal consultation.