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October 9, 2015
Dr. Buford and his nurse, Astrid took time…

Dr. Buford and his nurse, Astrid took time to thoroughly explain everything in terms I could understand. The staff was very pleasant and professional. .Everyone made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Thank You:)


October 9, 2015
I grew up with some insecurity…

I grew up with some insecurity, and after having my daughter I only felt worse as my body took on childbirth. One day I finally woke up and told myself that it doesn’t hurt to just ask and find out if there is something I can do to this insecurity. So I called around and met with a few doctors, but then I met Dr. Buford and his staff. My encounter with the office started with his staff who made me feel comfortable and were extremely knowledgeable. They treat you like a friend and not just the next appointment and take all the time with you. They gave me so much information that once I woke up in the recovery room I had no concerns. The best part about the staff, is that even after the surgery, they continued this relationship and never treated me any less. And that brings me to the most important structure of this well ran office, Dr. Buford. He was also extremely helpful and knew I wanted realistic expectations, and gave me exactly what I wanted. I love that he has a sense of humor and is never too busy to chat with you. I got a breast augmentation with him and was only out of work on a Friday that he did the surgery, and back to work the following Monday. Not that I walk around showing them off…lol…but a lot of the people who knew of me going to get the surgery have complimented how natural looking they are. I told Dr. Buford that I don’t want my breast to be the first thing people see when I walk in the room, but I did want to have a more natural woman’s figure. I think the only downside I had with my experience was not getting to give him a big hug afterwards. He and his staff are absolutely amazing. My scarring is very minimal and almost invisible due to the product he provided me, and it also works great on stretch marks. I highly recommend this team if you are giving the same thoughts into plastic surgery and want someone who will hold your hand the entire time. They are extremely affordable, as I am a single mother, and they offer financing options. I have a few people that I have referred there who will soon be giving the same reviews. Thank you Dr. Buford and staff for helping me feel that much better about me!


October 9, 2015
I can’t say enough how thoroughly I have enjoyed…

I can’t say enough how thoroughly I have enjoyed my experience while working with Dr. Buford and all of the staff at Beauty by Buford! From the moment I walked into Dr. Buford’s office, I was met with warmth, friendliness, experience, expertise, and a willingness to help and understand my wishes. Everyone that I talked to wanted to know what would make me happy and helped me to figure out how we could achieve that. From my very first consultation with Dana, up until my 2nd post-op appointment today with Michelle and Dr. Buford, I have been nothing but completely happy and ecstatic over the care that was provided. Also, I am incredibly satisfied with my results, I couldn’t ask for anything better, I LOVE it!!! Thanks so much to Beauty by Buford!


October 9, 2015
It is with great pleasure I recommend Dr. Buford…

It is with great pleasure I recommend Dr. Buford and his staff for any services you are considering to best improve your image. I met with Dr. Buford following a nice initial consultation with his Medical Coordinator Dana. Not only was Dana able to accommodate my busy work schedule but she was also able to find a way to squeeze me in earlier than first scheduled. Dana initially took my call and patiently listened to me rant on about how displeased I have been with the struggles of my up and down weight since childhood. I was sent my appointment confirmation and showed up for my consult with Dr. Buford. Dr. Buford could have easily “sold” me on anything and everything he would have recommended with a more than satisfactory opinion of outcome. At this point in my life I would have dropped whatever money for a halfway promising result. However, Dr. Buford was honest and took time to really help me understand why he couldn’t give me the results I wanted. He could have easily excused himself and walked out after ruling me out as a candidate for plastic surgery considering he was scheduled off that day and following his recommendation I would not be pursuing the service I had hoped to receive. Patiently Dr. Buford made some recommendations making me feel like he truly cares about me achieving long term favorable results. It is without reservation I will return to Dr. Buford when I am more suitable for the services I am interested in based on extensive research I have done and my firsthand experience. Thank you Dr. Buford for your genuine honesty and concern for me achieving the best desirable results!


October 9, 2015
I’m so glad I found Dr. Buford!

I’m so glad I found Dr. Buford! He is very skilled technically and has an artistic eye which is so important. His staff are warm and caring. Dana and Michelle were very helpful along the way. As a competitive runner I wanted to make sure my implants stayed conservative in size and didn’t interfere with arm swing and Dana and Dr. Buford were very helpful in assisting me to choose the right style and size. I just began running again and there are zero problems with arm swing! As far as the surgery itself went, I was very nervous going in but the staff at the surgical center from my nurses to my anesthesiologist were wonderful. I was very appreciative of Dr. Buford’s technical skill as a surgeon as I had some old scar tissue on my right side. The recovery was easy and pretty fast. I was sore of course, similar to lifting really heavy at the gym. But incredibly, I never had pain that was more than about a 3 on a 1-10 scale even right after surgery! Also, Dr. Buford and his staff do everything they can to make sure you are maximizing your recovery. It’s great to know that they have had so much experience. I feel very confident that if I ever encountered a problem or needed to change my implants out or change size/style that Dr. Buford would be the one I would choose. I would recommend him to anyone who is either needing to have a revision or to primary augmentation patients. Thank You Dr. Buford and staff!


September 2, 2015
I got caught on a fence when I was a kid…

I got caught on a fence when I was a kid and have been chasing small imperfections (asymmetries) since I could remember. Ive been blessed to have had the opportunity to work with some of best plastic surgeons in town due to my line of work… I think Dr. Buford’s technique is by far one of my favorites. He really is the best of the best at everything he does. He is very fastidious, attentive and has great bedside manners.. I would give him 10 stars if I could.


July 16, 2015
I had surgery with Dr. Buford in December…

I had surgery with Dr. Buford in December 2014 and wow did the results turn out amazing! I was up and about (of course moving slowing ) the same day as my surgery and every day there after. I was out the following day shopping for my home remodel! I could not have chosen a better doctor …. And trust me I did my research all over Colorado and in other states ! The facility he conducts surgeries in is top of the line and beautiful (all well as has the best nurses that helped take the fear away the day of surgery). Dr. Buford is perfectionist and that I appreciated. He was honest and his staff were always excited along side with me through out the weeks leading up to the surgery. Dr. Buford even answered my call over Christmas when I had questions. I recovered so quickly and now just over 6 months later the results are better then I could have imagined. There wasn’t one thing I would have done differently or that they could have done differently. Dr. Buford no doubt is one of the best surgeons!  Thank you Dr. And all the sweet girls that work with him!


June 3, 2015
Dr. Buford and his staff are very pleasant…

Dr. Buford and his staff are very pleasant and professional. Everyone made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

—Facebook Reviewer

May 12, 2015
Dr Buford does amazing work! Changed my life…

Dr Buford does amazing work! Changed my life forever.

—Facebook Reviewer