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May 7, 2011
I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Buford….

I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Buford. Him and his staff were very helpful in answering questions before and after surgery. I am ecstatic with the results and I would use and recommend Dr. Buford again.

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Gregory A Buford

February 8, 2011
I recently had gynecomastia surgery performed…

I recently had gynecomastia surgery performed by Dr. Gregory Buford (beauty by buford). My chest has had noticeable gyno for the last three years. It was embarrassing to take off my shirt and even wearing a shirt; it was obvious something was not right. I did extensive research on my problem. First I changed my diet to make it very clean and started running, this did not work. Then I took some pills some legal some not, this did not work. Surgery was my only option. There are many doctors who clam to do this and many methods. I chose Dr. Buford.Dr. Buford uses state of the art equipment to do this surgery. I was very pleased to find that instead of cutting around my nipple he would make small incision to the side of my chest. After meeting him and his staff my decision was made, this was the right move for me.The day of the surgery everything went very well and I was done before I knew it. I had surgery at 8am and was up walking and feeling fine by 4pm that same day. I had NO PAIN, and actually didnt take any of the pain pills. Two days later I went back to the office for a check-up. It was amazing, not only was my chest flat, but I had minimal bruising (a quarter sized in the middle of my pecs) and the incisions points were almost none detectable. The first week I took it easy, but by the middle of the second week I was back to normal.Dr. Buford did a wonderful job on my gyno and I would recommend this surgery to anyone. If I would have known how easy this process was I would have done it a couple years ago.

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Gregory A Buford

January 3, 2011
I was nervous, after all this was about to…

I was nervous, after all this was about to be my first surgery ever, but was relieved to know that my life (and my breasts) were in great hands. Dr.Buford was extremely knowledgeable and made sure I understood all possible options. He went over what he thought would be appropriate (I didn't want melons but I didn't want mosquito bites either) for me. The Buford team was professional, patient and extremely descriptive during the pre-operation. The surgery was smooth and comfortable. The nurses catered to my every need (they even brought out jello, hot tea and warm blankets!) while in the hospital. They made sure I was healthy and fully functional before leaving the hospital. About 10-12 hours after the surgery, Dr. Buford called me to make sure that everything was fine. He even gave me his personal number in case I ran into any problems. Really, what doctor gives out there personal number to ensure your comfort? At this point (2 weeks after my surgery), I feel great and confident. I truly would not recommend anyone else. Dr. Buford and the Buford team are exceptional!

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Gregory A Buford

December 31, 2009
I love this office. Everyone is so nice and…

I love this office. Everyone is so nice and makes me feel like I am really receiving the best care possible. After my surgery I have continued to go back for my skin care. Dr. Buford is approachable and easy to talk to you, it was easy for me to select him as my physician.

—Self-verified patient of Dr. Gregory A Buford