"Eat, Drink, Heal" by Dr. Gregory A. Buford

Eat Drink Heal - Nutritional Secrets to Heal Optimally

Welcome to the “Nutrition Revolution”

Eat, Drink, Heal: The Art and Science of Surgical Nutrition is a labor of love from Dr. Gregory A. Buford—and his goal is to help affect change in how patients are treated before and after surgery.

“As a surgeon and strong believer in the power of food, I have always been surprised about the lack of education within the medical profession about how food can both help as well as hurt the healing process. Quite simply, we can do better. By recognizing the value of good nutrition both before and after surgery, we can provide better overall care to our patients.”
Dr. Gregory Buford

Eat, Drink, Heal empowers patients to make smart nutritional decisions that will help them heal optimally. Covering not only why proper nutrition is important but also how to achieve optimal healing through proper planning before you ever even go to surgery, Eat, Drink, Heal is meant for anyone scheduled for elective or non-elective surgery and may quite simply mean the difference between a smooth recovery and one that is not.

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Eat, Drink, Heal in the Media

Dr. Buford featured in Plastic Surgery News: The Last Stitch

Eat, Drink, Heal, at 206 pages, is a primer for physicians and patients that focuses on nutrition as it merges with medicine. However, far beyond the ‘eat this, not that’ regrain common among so-called health gurus, the book is specifically constructed to inform surgeons in particular on how to prepare their patients for surgery through nutrition.” Read the full article here. 

Reviews of Eat, Drink, Heal

Alexander Rivkin“Dr. Buford’s book is an important tool for patients considering surgery. It is an exceptionally well-written and passionate argument to recognize the importance of nutrition in the peri-operative period. Dr. Buford respects the intelligence of his readers and presents complex topics in an understandable way without overly simplifying the important points. I would recommend it to all of my patients considering surgery.”
Alexander Z. Rivkin, M.D.Facial Plastic Surgeon, Assistant Clinical Professor David Geffen, UCLA School of Medicine

John P. Fezza“Dr. Buford, a renowned plastic surgeon, addresses a subject which has largely gone ignored in western medicine. Educating patients in regards to nutrition is integral in both general health and post-operative healing. In our quick fix society dominated by reality television, the public is often misled into believing surgery is a fast way to improve health or appearance. In true reality, health starts with knowledge of a healthy diet and exercise. Dr. Buford provides an excellent foundation for explaining the important benefits of nutrition to optimize post-operative healing. He is comprehensive in his coverage of the subject, but masterfully simplifies the vast information to make it easy to understand. As a fellow surgeon I believe he has bridged an important gap to empower patients and allow them to achieve their best health and surgical results. I feel this is a must read for patients and surgeons alike.”
John P. Fezza, M.D.Oculoplastic Surgeon Sarasota, Florida

Jeffrey Raval“It’s surprising that so few patients and physicians consider the major role nutrition plays in our overall health and well-being. In times of severe stress for our bodies, such as recovering from surgery, the importance of proper nutrition is even greater. In this book, Dr. Buford has given us a comprehensive, and helpful guide for a better and healthier recovery. Patients and surgeons alike should read this book.”
Jeffrey A. Raval, M.D., M.B.A.Facial Plastic Surgeon

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