Breast Implant Options

There are several keys to success with breast augmentation but one of the major ones is your choice of implant.

First, should you go with saline or with the Cohesive Gel silicone implant?  While this is a personal decision, there are several factors to consider when making this decision.

Saline vs. Cohesive Silicone Gel

Saline Advantages:

    • Not pre-filled so requires slightly smaller incision
    • Not pre-filled so may be easier to address and fine tune smaller degrees of asymmetry
    • Less expensive

Cohesive Silicone Gel Advantages:

    • Consistency of the gel makes it look, feel, and move more naturally
    • More optimal for very thin patients or for patients with very little breast tissue
    • MemoryGel is highly cohesive so holds its shape better than previous gel implants

Saline Disadvantages:

    • More prone to rippling (not a matter if…but when)
    • Less natural look and feel as compared to gel implants

Cohesive Silicone Gel Disadvantages:

    • More expensive
    • Slightly longer incision

Given the significant advantages of Cohesive Gel implants over their saline counterparts, Dr. Buford generally prefers gel implants for his patients. They simply provide a more natural look and feel than saline. In addition, recent data released from both Allergan Medical and Mentor Corporation documents that the new gel implants are almost twice as durable as saline.  In fact, they are so confident that these implants are superior, both manufactures provide a lifetime warranty for their silicone gel breast implants.

Dr. Buford is Keller Funnel Certified

CertificationSeal (1)An advancement in silicone breast augmentation placement, the Keller Funnel™ allows Dr. Buford to place silicone gel breast implants with smaller incisions, reducing risk for certain complications, and increasing precision.

Learn more about Cohesive Silicone Gel breast implants warranty, and the advances made from the earlier types of silicone implants to the silicone breast implants of today.

Implants also come with either a smooth or textured surface. Earlier gel implants were noted to have a higher risk for capsular contracture, so texturing of the surface was developed to reduce this incidence. Improvements in the design of both the shell and an increase in cohesiveness of the implants have significantly reduced this risk and made texturing unnecessary. The only area where texturing is important is in the case of the highly cohesive shaped gel breast implants, commonly referred to as the “Gummy Bear” Implants. Here, texturing is designed to hold the implant in place so that it maintains its orientation and does not turn in the tissue pocket. With this in mind, at this time Dr. Buford uses either smooth implants or textured anatomic (gummy bear) implants depending upon which option is best suited for your body and your ultimate goals for breast augmentation.

The final and potentially most important detail to consider is the size of your implants. Before you embark on this journey, speak to friends, review website before and after photos, and really determine what size range you feel would meet your goals. Are you looking to regain lost volume as the result of breast feeding or weight loss, or have you always wanted larger breasts and decided now is the right time? Whatever your reasoning, Dr. Buford and the experienced team at BEAUTY by BUFORD will do everything they can to help you achieve a natural and proportionate result.

To help you select the most appropriate size, we will measure you at your initial consultation and ask that you bring photographs which best show the results you’d like to see. We want your implants to be just right for you!

Ready for a Consultation?

Dr. Buford will be happy to discuss breast implant types with you in a consultation at our practice here in Denver. He will explain all aspects of each type of implant, and together you and Dr. Buford will determine the best implant for your needs. Please contact BEAUTY by BUFORD to schedule a consultation.