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BOTOX® Cosmetic

Expressing yourself doesn’t mean you need a furrowed brow, the dreaded “elevens,” a slack jaw line or droopy lids. With noticeable results and no down time required, there are numerous reasons why BOTOX® Cosmetic has been the most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedure for years. BOTOX® Cosmetic, introduced in 2002, is the first botulinum toxin to be approved by the FDA.

An expert in using injectables for subtle yet impactful results,  Denver, Colorado BOTOX® Cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Buford’s impressive techniques selectively relax facial muscles to create a lifted, smooth, contoured look. BEAUTY by BUFORD is one of the top BOTOX® Cosmetic accounts in North America, and Dr. Gregory Buford is a nationally recognized trainer for BOTOX® Cosmetic, a proven leader in Denver and the entire state of Colorado BOTOX® procedures.

Chemical Brow Lift

Need a lift? A brow lift, that is. With BEAUTY by BUFORD, this quick, non-surgical method of elevating the eyebrows uses BOTOX® Cosmetic to temporarily relax the muscles and elevate the brows for four months or more. Dr. Gregory Buford, a board certified plastic surgeon and national trainer and consultant for BOTOX® Cosmetic, employs his special techniques to keep you looking and feeling your best. Now lift those brows and show the world your sexy sparkle, after all, it’s all in the eyes.

* All photos are of actual clients of Denver, Colorado Board certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Gregory Buford