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Denver Mommy Makeover

Having a Baby Changes Everything – and a Woman’s Body is no Exception.

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Reclaim your Before Baby Body with a revolutionary program developed by Denver, Colorado Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gregory Buford, a leading Denver plastic surgeon who understands that how you look can define how you feel especially when it comes to new moms.

Most women embark on motherhood with unwavering joy, and new moms are taught to expect certain things: midnight feedings, seemingly endless diaper changes, and total responsibility for a precious new life, to name a few. Yet no one can truly be prepared for the reality of the physical changes that go hand in hand with having a baby. Sometimes, a simple glance in the mirror is all it takes to demolish years of hard-won body confidence. Be it stretch marks or less than perky breasts, flabby tummies, or thicker thighs, uneven complexions or heaven forbid, adult acne — the physical changes a new mom encounters may leave you feeling awkward and uncomfortable about your body and your self-esteem. Enter Dr. Gregory Buford, a pioneer in cosmetic surgery for new moms who want to look and feel their best — and be the best they can be for their new and growing families.

One of Denver, Colorado’s Top Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Gregory Buford developed Before Baby Body in an effort to help rebuild the body confidence and sex appeal new moms can lose sight of after having a baby. A strong advocate of nutrition and exercise, Dr. Buford admits that sometimes diet and exercise alone can’t shed the unwanted fatty deposits formed after pregnancy – nor can a healthy lifestyle firm up flattened breasts. So when hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy produce stubborn fat build up in the tummy and thigh areas and loss of volume in the chest, Dr. Buford believes the right balance of smart eating, exercise and customized nips and tucks can help to counteract the impact of pregnancy and childbirth on a woman’s body.

Before Baby Body helps new moms reclaim the body they know and love.

Offering an intimate, personalized approach, Dr. Buford works with you to determine your specific needs, and develops a customized plan that leaves you looking and feeling beautiful – inside and out. Dr. Buford’s Before Baby Body experience may include services such as:

With a new baby and a growing family, finding the time for plastic surgery can prove to be a challenge. The complete Before Baby Body suite of services blend together to bring the best possible results with the least amount of downtime. Indeed, in six weeks or less after the procedure, you can love the body you’re in — again.

* All photos are of actual clients of Dr. Buford, a Denver, Colorado Board Certified Plastic Surgeon