Facial Injectables Training Program

botox photosAs the popularity of facial injectables continues to grow, so also has the demand for skilled injectors.  But the biggest challenge in entering this field has been gaining actual hands-on experience in the use of these products as well as understanding how to start and grow a successful injectable practice.

And while most medical device and pharmaceutical companies do offer some form of training, they are limited by the FDA in the scope of this training and are restricted to on-label direction only.

For over ten years, I have had the honor of training medical practices across the country in the area of facial injectables as well as business development/marketing/branding.  In addition, I was the lead author of “Beauty and the Business” which was published and released in 2010 and which has served as a platform for several national practice development training courses.

To meet the demand for practical training in facial injectables, I am now offering a half-day hands-on training course for doctors and medical professionals in my Denver, CO office geared towards those of you interested in entering this exciting field.

Buford-Beauty CVR-LGTo learn more, please CLICK HERE for more details on this program.  For specific questions or to schedule an upcoming training, please contact me directly by clicking here.  Group discounts are available.  Call today to learn more.


Thanks again!  I look forward to working with you!



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