Breast Augmentation with Lift in Denver

When it comes to breast enhancement, many patients don’t know where to start. Will breast augmentation surgery restore a youthful shape? Would a breast lift help increase fullness and symmetry? For many of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory A. Buford’s Denver patients, the answer is both. Breast lift with augmentation is a great solution for lifting the breasts to a more youthful position while adding volume and improving shape through the placement of implants.

Breast Self-Assessment

Before you meet with Dr. Buford for your consultation, consider filling out our breast self-assessment. By sharing how you see yourself, we can best evaluate your aesthetic goals and determine an appropriate treatment plan for you.

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Is Breast Augmentation with Lift Right for You?

There are many common situations where women can benefit from a combination breast augmentation with lift, including:

  • Significant weight loss. Losing weight often results in lost breast volume, an unflattering contour, and excess or loose skin. A breast lift can help improve breast appearance by removing excess skin and lifting remaining skin, while the placement of implants restores volume and proportional shape.
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding. During pregnancy, expecting mothers will most likely experience some unwelcome breast changes. Size fluctuation to accommodate milk production can leave the breasts looking deflated or saggy. A breast lift can restore your pre-baby breasts. Including a breast augmentation will provide fullness and a more youthful contour.
  • Age-related or natural drooping. Some women, regardless of breast size, have had sagging breasts since they began developing. For others, age brings with it loss of perkiness. Breast lift with augmentation can give you the breasts you’ve always wanted.

Whatever your unique situation, consulting with a board certified Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Buford is the best solution for determining which procedure or combination of procedures will help you achieve your goals.

Before & After View Lift with Implants results

Denver Breast Augmentation with Lift Options

Deciding to have a breast augmentation with lift is the first of many decisions you will need to make. Dr. Buford will work closely with you throughout the process to determine which options will give you optimal results.

Breast Lift Options

There are multiple types of breast lift techniques, but the Crescent Lift and Peri-Areolar Lift are most commonly used when implants are also being placed.

Depending on the level of your breast sagging, Dr. Buford will choose the most appropriate technique with the least conspicuous incision placement.

Breast Implant Options

When it comes to breast implants, many factors will contribute to the final appearance of your augmented breasts. From implant size and shape to material and placement, creating the perfect breast for you involves a number of choices.

At your consultation, Dr. Buford will evaluate your natural breasts and frame, listen to your concerns, and help develop a treatment plan that best suits your unique goals. Contact our Lone Tree plastic surgery center today to learn more about your breast enhancement options or schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Buford.