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January 31, 2020
Dr Buford and his staff exceeded my expectations.

Dr Buford and his staff exceeded my expectations. I went in for a consultation, my chief concern being loss of volume in my cheeks and lips. He patiently listened to my concerns, and recommended a conservative treatment plan . The procedure was painless . And the results were exactly what I had asked for . Elegant and tasteful, he gave me perfectly symmetrical lines and volume . I couldn’t be more pleased . Thank you Dr Buford, you are a very talented doctor and artist !

—Nellie Benjamin

January 29, 2020
Dr. Gregory A. Buford is definitely amazing at his craft!

Dr. Gregory A. Buford is definitely amazing at his craft! Every year for my birthday I see him for my Botox and cheek fillers. I have been on the fence for a few years about getting my lips filled as let’s face it, there are some people out there that perhaps have over done their filler and have that duck look that none of us want. I was also a bit nervous as I have heard it can be pretty uncomfortable. I actually didn’t feel a thing as he is an extremely powerful numbing cream. Dr. Buford has an amazing eye for aesthetics. We used Botox for my forehead, Voluma for my cheeks and Volbella for my lips. I absolutely love my results! I couldn’t be more happy with the way they look. If you’re considering any facial fillers or cosmetic surgeries Dr. Buford is definitely the best in Denver!

—Vesper Gray

January 21, 2020
Had breast lift/augmentation and am thrilled with the results!

Had breast lift/augmentation and am thrilled with the results! Dr. Buford is amazing!! My breasts are perfect! Highly recommend!!!

—Paula Hays

December 20, 2019
Dr Buford is phenomenal

Dr Buford is phenomenal. He has corrected and beautified my lips after I had been going to a different place for my injections that caused me to lose my natural shape and look lumpy. Now that I’ve been seeing Dr. Buford, my lips look flawless, natural, and plump. The environment here is beautiful and everyone welcomes you so warmly. You know you’re in good hands the minute you walk through the front door. So many of my friends have been to him for breast augmentations and have loved their results as well! Would highly recommend!

December 17, 2019
My experience with Beauty by Buford has been amazing from start to finish.

My experience with Beauty by Buford has been amazing from start to finish. I have always been a small framed woman with a boyish shape and A or less than size breasts. After having two children I was left with a lot of loose saggy skin and deflated full C breasts from nursing. I had researched a mommy makeover for many many years and never thought it was ever going to be a possibility until my wonderful husband gifted it to me. I knew from all the research that this was not only a physical change it was mind, body and soul but to personally experience it was literally life-changing! I have never felt so proud and confident of my body- I am a whole new and refined woman. My years of researching I narrowed down to two surgeons in Colorado I met with both but from the moment of walking in the door at Dr. Buford’s and meeting him I knew immediately he was going to be my choice. Jennifer’s assistance and Dr. Buford’s attention to detail and professionalism are top notch. Dr. Buford was always upfront and honest, I was never fed any false beliefs or expectations of requested results. My experience and expectations for my procedures were by far reached. I would highly recommend Dr. Buford and Beauty by Buford for your cosmetic needs. Endless thank you’s to Dr. Buford and staff of Beauty by Buford.

December 14, 2019
Dr. Buford and his staff, specifically Kristin and Kaitlyn, did an outstanding job.

Dr. Buford and his staff, specifically Kristin and Kaitlyn, did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend Beauty by Buford.

— Joseph Howell

December 11, 2019
My Doctor matched them incredibly!!!!

There were my wish pics! My Doctor matched them incredibly!!!! Love Dr. Gregory Buford. Silicone. 450 cc both sides naturelle /allergan high profile under muscle placement/ under crease incision.

I’m only one month post op,and they’re still pretty high. I’m thrilled with the result. So so happy. Doing daily massages really helps them drop and fluff, as well as relieves tension the new implants cause on the body. I will say they feel totally natural and a part of my body. I love the shape. I love everything about them.

November 11, 2019
Dr. Buford is absolutely incredible.

Dr. Buford is absolutely incredible. I’ve never felt this comfortable with a doctor. I came to him to remove my breast implants. He was very welcoming, friendly and professional. He explained everything about the process and answered all my questions. What I also loved about Dr. Buford is his holistic approach to medicine. He gave me the book he wrote on pre- and post-surgical nutrition to help my body prepare for the surgery and to recover faster after the procedure. I followed his directions and had a surgery shortly after my consultation. Everything well better than I had expected. I recovered very well and I’m very very happy with the result. I highly recommend Dr. Buford. If I ever decide to do any plastic surgery procedure I’m definitely going to him!

— Ksenia Kondratyuk

October 27, 2019
My results have transformed the way I feel about my body.

My results have transformed the way I feel about my body. Surprisingly, I feel more natural with my implants. I no longer need to wear padded bras, now I fill out my bralettes. I love the natural contour of my breasts through my clothing.

After years of breastfeeding, it felt good to finally give back to myself. Every woman should feel beautiful and feminine! Dr. Buford’s expertise put me at ease. He and his staff have always been available for questions. I have no regrets!

—Kelly Sitlinger

October 24, 2019
Dr. Buford and his team were the first and last consult I had for breast augmentation

Dr. Buford and his team were the first and last consult I had for breast augmentation. I had about 5 other docs scheduled but, after my consult with him and Jen, I felt comfortable and safe with them. Mostly because going into this, I wanted to have the most natural looking breasts I could and I am also an extremely active person so, I wasn’t sure what sizes I should choose. Dr. Buford and his team amazed me because they asked me what my job was and what my lifestyle was like with two kiddos and what kinds of exercise I did. So, they didn’t recommend or size me based on going HUGE, it was customized and sized perfectly to my frame and that blew me away. I was nervous about just being another patient to someone and having a botched breast augmentation and with Dr. Buford and his team, I literally didn’t have the slightest sense of fear and was able to be excited for my enlargement!

Then, everything from scheduling the surgery, the actual day of surgery and my post op appointments, everyone has been so calming and wonderful and just make the process feel so safe. I was taken care of at every step of the way that I honestly didn’t have anything that I had to think about myself, which is how it should be in my opinion. I trusted Dr. Buford so much that on the day of my surgery, I told him that if he felt a larger size (outside of the pre-planned ranges we had) would fit better, go for it! And what do you know, I ended up going larger than the pre-planned sizes and I get SO many compliments on them and how natural and full they look! The pre-op nurse was also amazing too and took care of me every step of the way. Honestly, just blown away by the process beginning to end and I recommend him to everyone now. Two of my friends have scheduled surgeries with him too 🙂 The post-op care team is amazing as well and so, so knowledgeable and warm.

I could go on for days about how easy, safe and painless they made this entire process!