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April 17, 2017
Noticeable results after the first procedure,…

Noticeable results after the first procedure, just had my second and minimal swelling this go around. Excellent Doctor (from bedside manner to educating clients to exceptional skill) can’t ask for more. Great staff, very supportive, warm and friendly. Nice office. Very efficient. Pricing is industry standard. No up selling needed. I’m looking for stuff to go back for. I already trust this…


April 17, 2017
Twelve years ago i decided to get a breast…

Twelve years ago i decided to get a breast augmentation. I had two young boys at the time. I breast fed both boys and after that my breast seemed to be gone. I heard about Dr. Buford through a friend that had breast augmentation. I had my surgery Jan. 22, 2004. The entire staff was helpful and made me feel comfortable and safe. The day of my surgery, I was a little nervous. Dr. Buford was very…


April 17, 2017
My experience with Dr Buford was beyond spectacular….

My experience with Dr Buford was beyond spectacular. He was very professional at explaining the process of the procedure. He made sure I understood the whole process and what the outcome could be. I was scared at first, because I have never been under the knife , but after meeting with Dr Buford and his awesome staff, I knew that I picked the right plastic surgeon. It was very easy talking to…


March 11, 2017
I underwent a breast augmentation with Dr….

I underwent a breast augmentation with Dr. Buford a little over a year ago. I could not be more happy with the results. I originally had nice full breasts, but over the years they had deflated and I wanted them restored back to their natural full look. Out of all the surgeons that I interviewed Dr. Buford was the most knowledgeable and took the time to answer any of my questions or concerns thoroughly. I enjoyed every aspect of the process. His entire staff is incredibly warm and professional and treated me with the respect that made me feel like I had made the right choice.My recovery time was very minimal and I was not in pain whatsoever. Dr. Buford was the only surgeon that I interviewed that uses nerve blockers during the surgery. I ended up only taking two of my muscle relaxers and three Vicodin total in recovery. I am a very active person that lifts weights 6-7 times a week and I was able to get back to my normal workout routine after only 1 month.I felt confident  letting Dr. Buford choose the right implant size for me. He brings multiple implants into surgery, puts a temporary implant in, and sets you up and looks at how the implant fits your body. In the consultation Dr. Buford took extensive measurements of my chest and sternum and  the overall symmetry of my torso.Dr. Buford really listened to me and gave me the implants that fit my body and lifestyle the best.Since I had my breast augmentation with Dr. Buford I have had several girlfriends go to him and every single one of them is extremely ecstatic with their outcome.


February 15, 2017
Absolutely the most friendly amazing staff….

Absolutely the most friendly amazing staff. You don’t feel like a patient here you feel like family. They truly listen to what you want and help you to achieve your goals. Highly recommend Beauty by Buford!!!

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December 2, 2016
I can’t explain how amazing my experience…

I can’t explain how amazing my experience has been so far. ALL the staff both in dr Budfords office, to the surgical center to obviously Dr Buford himself! They are available to you 24/7 post surgery and thus far I can’t even say 5 stars is enough to rate them because they have gone above and beyond!! I will be referring everyone to them as there is truly no where else to go the receive this quality of work and this kind of service. Can’t thank you enough! Even though it’s the weekend Dr Budford told me not to hesitate reaching out to him with any questions even though the have people on call for that. That alone speaks volumes on how he cares for his patents. Looking forward to seeing how everything looks as I heal ( considering my procedure was today ) . Thanks again Dr Budford and his team! You guys are simply put……. AMAZING!

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November 2, 2016
Dr. Buford is simply wonderful. His expertise…

Dr. Buford is simply wonderful. His expertise is obvious. He is an extremely competent surgeon, and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. I highly recommend him.

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October 29, 2016
He is one of my most favorite doctors (my…

He is one of my most favorite doctors (my dad is a doctor). He is warm, patient, highly educated and fully informs the client of what to expect and even what his behavior is like during the procedure. His staff is equally educated and friendly. Dr Buford and his staff have found a patient for life in me. They make me feel special and beautiful. Thank you so much! love this place and they found a client for life. Dr. Buford and staff are incredibly warm and welcoming and he is so incredibly talented. I’ve done the Kybella and lip filler and he educates you and tells you what to expect and why he uses a certain technique. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor that cares and honors his craft.