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Beauty meets innovation: these words sum up my practice. I’m curious, have high expectations, and am driven to give my patients the very best. These qualities lead me to constantly study, explore, compare, and test, and then offer my patients only the most effective options.

It is an exciting time to be at the crossroads of technology and image enhancement. The number of options we have in aesthetic medicine today is stunning and means we’re more likely than ever to have a procedure, or combination of options, that will fit you like a glove. But that doesn’t happen without communication: picking the latest novelty procedure is akin to wearing the latest fashion without regard to whether it flatters you.

Come in for a consult and we’ll talk about your goals, your physical characteristics, health, available time, and budget. After gaining an understanding of all the key details that are individual to you, we will work together to design a plan just for you.

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Going beyond the cosmetic

Cosmetic procedures aren’t everything; we’ve all seen the difference between those who rely solely on surface enhancements and people who might have had a procedure but primarily glow with health and confidence. Because I know this well, and my job is to help people feel more beautiful and confident, I am also devoted to helping my patients achieve better health overall.

Being real

Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine have grown up. We can all embrace our need to look good and feel confident. We can use a light hand and keep our individuality. Here at BEAUTY by BUFORD, we’ve got the skills and technology to deliver just that.

Ready to give you our very best,

Gregory A. Buford, MD, FACS

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Published Author